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Nowadays the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game is very popular around the globe. It is a very challenging game as compared to other other. So many people need excellent features and good tricks to perform well in the game. So the developer shared  Furansu Mod this is a great tool because they provide many premium features and many tricks for players and it will boost your rank easily.

So this is good news for new players because when you use this then you easily defeat the pro players and grab the game in a few minutes. The injector is capable to complete the toughest task by providing you with good tricks and beneficial items. It has many new features like Skins, ML New, Drones View, Outfits, and Maps.

All of these features will work properly that help polish your skills and these features are safe and secure. This injector gives all features and items that are no errors or bugs. Simply now you are more powerful and you easily beat tough players after using these features.

So the Furansu Mod is the best injector that easily customizes your game without paying any money. When you inject this injector into your game then you will gain more points and better results in the game. You can also check the FFH4X injector because they have amazing features.

What is Furansu Mod?

This is a fantastic application, and its main function is to give gamers the capacity to inject aim-cheating features and provide them with different types of outfits and avatars to use while playing on the battlefield.

As we all know the importance of avatars and costumes in MLBB gaming. On some levels, MLBB gaming requires a gamer to present new outfits and avatars to the hero, and the presented costumes are premium so it is difficult to get these costumes, but with this amazing application. , a gamer gets unlimited extras from the latest costumes. and avatars that include many types of skins.

Furansu Mod helps more powerful the style of the battlefield and also help improves the fighting style. These features help you decorate your game with good looking and everything have no cost all things are freely available.

App screenshots:

Features of Furansu Mod:

The Furansu Mod is provide many excellent features and items. Its features will defend you from your opponents and make you a pro player of the game. The features have no error and each featured work properly and work on specific functions.

Let’s read the features below.

Drone Views:

This is an excellent feature because it helps easily see the enemies and kill the enemies easily.

Latest Skins:

Here is the latest injector that provides many new skins for Heroes like Epic, Painted skins, and Elite skins. These skins help you to pass the levels without fearing limited lives.

New Version:

Now you will get the latest version of this injector on time and use updated features and items.

Free of Error:

The injector Is safe. It has its own bug that protects your game from external danger.

Android support:

Now you can use any type of android phone it is up to you. Because it allows every phone.

Free of cost:

It provides many items and features that are available for free of cost you get them and use them in your game.


Show Menu:

  • Show HP Bar Information.
  • Showroom.
  • Show a mini-map.
  • Skins inject:
  • Unlock all skins.
  • Supported painted skins.
  • Classic and work rank.

ESP Menu:

  • ESP line health.
  • ESP box circle.
  • ESP shortcut.
  • Hero name ESP Distance.
  • Cool-down ESP name.
  • Dot ESP.

Auto Aim:

  • Target, low health.
  • Aim lock auto.
  • Flame shot.
  • Skill 1 and Skill 2.
  • Beatrix’s basic attack.
  • Range FOV 360.
  • Skill 3 and Skills 4.
  • Settings.
  • Box width and Height.
  • Line opacity.
  • Health bar size.
  • Hero name size.
  • Hero name position. 300
  • Player name position. 300
  • Name size of players.
  • Line position X (2). 1000
  • Line position Y (2). 700
  • Box position X (1). 1500
  • Box position Y (1). 1000
  • CD height. 300
  • CD size.
  • Box heights and width.
  • Color and line thickness.

More Benefits:

  • Good working Mod.
  • New skins were available.
  • Daily updates.
  • Essential equipment.
  • Fix bug and no error.
  • Ads are free.
  • Subscription not required.
  • No requirement for passwords.
  • Cheats are updated.
  • Floating Mod Menu.
  • OBB file no.
  • Us too easy.

Functional key:

An updated key is available to keep the mod menu working. So use the key to access functions.

How to Download and install the Furansu Mod?

  • First, you click the download button above the page.
  • Wait for a few seconds while downloading process is complete.
  • Now you go to your mobile security settings and allow Unknown sources.
  • Then open your mobile file manager and click the app file.
  • Now the installation process will start you wait again a few seconds.
  • So the installation process will complete and the app icon shown on your mobile desktop.
  • Play and enjoy.

Answer and Question of Furansu Mod:

Q: Is Furansu Mod safe to download?

Ans: Furansu ML is the safest and the most reliable application you will have. It is anti-ban and bug-free.

Q: Is the Graphics Quality good for Furansu Mod ML? 

Ans: Yes, the application graphics is very good user easily see the opponent’s player. it has a simple UI.


Furansu ML Mod brings all essential cheats in one app. So, if you can’t live without cheats, download it. The installation process is the same as you do with other Apps. First, re-type the name and the OBB file, com. Mobile. Legends Bang Bang, by adding “1” to its name. Then, uninstall the MLBB game from your device. Remove the “1” from the OBB file name, and install the APK. So, it will connect to your old progress. Keep in the mind, the OBB file is in the device storage, and data folder.

In fact, in-game pro features are expensive. So many users cannot pay money for gaming. But they wish for luxury in the Games. They also love Mobile Legends. but they just want to skip the paying money process. Therefore, Furansu Mod is here to provide all things. But the point is that this is an unofficial product. It steals gaming equipment. So, don’t use it on your original MLBB account.

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