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Hello Everyone! Are you looking for a tool that provides reliable features and good service provide if yes, then you are in the right place. Because today we are going to introduce an amazing Modz which has multiple advantages for MLBB lovers. So don’t skip the page read till the end and get many items for the game. Actually, we are talking about the Foxy Modz MLBB.

This is one of the best mods than others mods because it offers lots of premium features like ML Skins, Map cheat, Drone view, unlock all emblems, and much more these all are free of cost. It also gives access to unlock items so if you want to make the ML game strong then download this mod.

Are you a lover of online battle games if yes then you will especially know that playing these games without advanced skills is very difficult. As you know (MOBA) is known as the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game one of the most famous games in the world and everyone must have played this game once in their life. Even in this game, if you do not have pro skills and a good app, then you cannot easily complete its mission and tasks. 

In this game, every player wishes that survive till the end of the battle and make the title your name but unfortunately, their wishes are not complete because some players buy some premium resources from the official store of the game and kill the players easily, those who don’t have premium resources. 

But they can also buy resources if they have money, but the majority of players don’t have enough money to buy them so they prefer third-party applications. So that we can get some help from here. Similarly, this Foxy Modz also helps them a lot. Like it offers all the premium features for free of cost which is available in the official store.

Explain Foxy Modz?

Foxy Modz is an Android tool that is made for especially beginners and weak players. Because it provides unlimited features like Auto Aim-Lock, Shortcut ESP, Radar map icon, Fix grass, and many more these all are working properly and give extra energy to the player so that easily defeat any enemies in battle ground and win the game with high points. 

Moreover, it contains new functions that are not available in the other apps functions as auto-attack, auto-heal, auto-defense, etc. These help to enhance your gaming and shooting skills both and also make you capable where you can easily competing with the pro players. You just click on the latest version of the mod and get unlimited advantages.


Cheats of Foxy Modz APK:

Our website APKCOST.NET provide lots of mods for MLBB gamers that have good features but the Foxy Modz APK holds unique and reliable features which provide accurate services for players and help to win the battle. Let us see these features below.

Unlock All Ml Skins:

  • Drone Views
  • Map Cheats
  • Unlock All Emblem
  • Auto Aim All Heroes
  • Menu ESP Monster

Menu Camera:

  • Auto Drone 2X
  • Auto Drone 4X
  • Auto Drone 6X

Menu Show:

  • Show Monster jungle
  • Enemy’s Icon Map
  • Show Circle Minion
  • Show Room- Info
  • Shows enemy’s Bar-Info

Menu Cheats:

  • Unlock all weapons
  • Radar map icon
  • Fix grass
  • Health Jungle

Menu ESP:

  • Set Line size
  • ES Player Round
  • Shortcut ESP
  • Set line color


  • Lowest HP
  • Auto Aim-Lock
  • Flame shoot
  • Closest Distance
  • Auto Aim-lock Skills 1, 2, and 3
  • Aim-Lock Basic attack

Menu Extra:

  • Easy to download
  • Easy to install
  • Weigthlight app
  • Anti-ban
  • It supports android 5 to 11
  • Also, it supports rooted and non-rooted devices
  • No error 
  • No bugs
  • No password
  • No subscriptions
  • Free of cost

Our view on the Foxy Modz MLBB APK:

If you are such a big lover of MLBB then try it because this type of mod is never found by you. Because it offers unlimited features and advanced tricks and tips that make you a pro player and boosts your rank with minimal effort. Furthermore, it has ultra-edge graphics which make your game very pleasant and beautiful and you can easily see the enemies’ locations. Additionally, it has no ads policy so no need to worry about any disturbance you just focus on your game and win.


To sum up, If you want reliable and good work for their MLBB game then the Foxy Modz MLBB is the best choice for you. Because it gives access to unlock all premium items like, unlock all skins, unlock all weapons,  unlock all emotes, and many more. Also, it provides new game tricks which help in the game. In addition, I want to say some safety measures of this app which are good for game accounts. First is that don’t use multiple cheats at one time which can be harmful to your account and maybe block. And second is that don’t use an old version of the app use only the latest version.

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