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v 1.100.X
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v 1.100.X
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As you know millions of people play online games and they struggle for their victory. It going difficult by the day. Because the youngsters are in the competition zone they make it harder and more. Because they struggle more by giving their precious time to it. But some players pf them depressed by losing their game due to a lack of skills and also their device problems.

Now we are giving such a great platform through which you easily change your game lobby by using Elite Mod Free Fire. This is free of cost. Here you collect premium outfits, upgrades your avatars, and also increase your gaming level in a short time. So download it and become a pro player in battle.

What is Elite Mod Free Fire?

Elite Mod Free Fire is an android app the app developer’s name is KTM Modder YT. The app provides all premium items and features the without paying any charges. So new players will use the powerful features then that will change your game. Don’t think of this as an ordinary app. This can make new players into pro players in a short time.

The skins of these characters are locked into the game and are the main source of revenue for the gaming authorities. When any player wants these skins then players must have a lot of money to unlock the desired skins. You have no money to buy these products. Then read this article till the end. Without further time waste, let’s explain Elite Mode in full detail.


There are many other similar apps like this app available on our website. So here Players can easily choose a mod app, injector, or different P and easily make their game easily. However, we are recommending this app as its developers have recently updated the app to ensure compatibility with the game.

Features of Elite Mod Free Fire:

The amazing Elite Mod is one of the best mod than other mods and it is specifically designed for the weak players of Garena Free Fire. So we are writing the powerful features below you must read it all..

Upper Rank:

By using this excellent feature, users can get an upper rank without working hard for it.

Aim Bot Menu:

Under the Elite Mode Menu, players can get all the options that are helpful in enhancing their shooting skills of the players.

Aim FOV:

This feature will empower players to check enemies coming from all directions.


Using the sensitivity option, players can increase the sensitivity of the game while shooting.

Auto headshot:

This is an excellent feature that will allow players to take a precise headshot of an enemy without missing a single bullet.

Aim Fire and others:

ESP Menu:

By using these features, players can easily see through walls, and terrain and kill more enemies than usual.

ESP line:

When this feature is unlocked, players will connect to their enemies through visible lines.

ESP Distance:

When you use this feature, so you will be able to know the distance between the enemy and the players.

ESP Location: 

By using this you can find a location, and players can know the names of enemies.

HD Mode:

Here are players who will be able to enable or disable the HD mode.

Drone Camera:

From the drone camera view, all the players can get more information about the battlefield as the drone camera will show a wide view of the battlefield. Now you easily kill enemies in a different location.


Developers of this Elite mod Free Fire have added an anti-ban feature in this app so that players don’t worry about getting banned.

Ghost Mode:

This is the funniest mode because when this mode is unlocked players can see their opponent but the enemies cannot see the players who are shooting at them.

Running Speed:

In this mod app, the speed of the players will automatically increase so that they can run faster and protect themselves from the attacks of enemies.

Works on rooted or non-rooted:

  • The player can Run in Water
  • During gameplay, players can fly on air
  • Fake username available
  • Telekill
  • Teleport
  • Weapon Cheat
  • Firing Rapid 
  • No password Require
  • No login Require
  • All Server Support


The Elite Mode provides many unlimited UC money in the form of diamonds and gold a notable feature. The good thing about this mod is. Here fraud detection has been removed due to new developments. Therefore, users will feel comfortable while playing the game. Your avatar will have two guns at a time to hit enemies instantly. Also, the app is the anti-ban 

it has various features that are helpful in your game. Now you are one step closer to your victory in the challenging battles of Free Fire. Now Download the latest version of the mod from our site and make easier your game in less time.

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